This is not just a discussion, it is also a competition; at the end of the debate, a winner will be declared.  The moderators will introduce the debate topic to the audience, who will then vote.  The audience may decide whether they agree with, disagree with, or are undecided on the topic at hand.  Following voting, the results will be tallied and recorded. 

     Round one will include statements from each panelist, where they will provide reasoning for their positions.  Round two will give the panelists opportunity for rebuttal and will allow for audience participation. At this time, the audience may direct questions to individual panelists or provide statements on the topic at hand. 

     Following round two, the audience will once again be asked to vote on their position.  The votes will be tallied and recorded, then compared to the results of the initial poll.  The debaters most successful in changing the audience’s opinion will be declared the winners.


Opening Remarks of Moderator

(Introduction about the topic, clarify that this is a contesting debate instead of any form of seminar or discussions. Make sure that the audience know that they need to vote twice, e.g. before and after the debate. Clarify the technical details about how to vote? Brief introduction of the debate panel)

The audience to cast a vote for there initial stance.

Round 1

Opening Statement of each person from each side (5-7 minute each)

Report the statistic of the audiences first vote.

Round 2

In Round 2, the debaters address each other directly, and they also take questions from the moderator and from the audience.

 Questions have to be limited by 30 seconds; the audience is not allowed to argue with the panel.

Round 3

Closing statements from each of the debaters (2 -3 minutes).

The audience cast their final and decisive vote.

Report results that resonated from the audiences reverence, and declare a winner!!!